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We have a new Location:
Grain-New York on the
East End of Long Island


Settling In...

Irrevocably Grain.


by Mike

Moving sucks.  Everyone knows it... the end of familiar, the beginning of unknown, all the grunt-work of packing and unpacking and a thousand decisions to make. And while most of our stuff fit nicely into boxes, crates and shipping containers, I still worried that the one thing we couldn't pack up was the "soul" of the place; that special feeling that you get when you walk through the doors and have your senses filled with the sights, sounds and smells of Grain.

But with each board that finds a home in the racks, with each sharp, well-used tool pulled from a box, and with each piece of familiar art that makes its way onto our walls, this place is coming to life. And - with our first class at the new location just wrapping up - we're reminded too that all the great people in and around Grain contribute immeasurably to what we are as well.  Which is all to say that we're feeling at home here already, and that makes us think James Baldwin was right when he supposed that "Perhaps home is not a place, but simply an irrevocable condition." 

Even with a mountain of work still ahead of us, we can't help but feel energized by this change. The new shop, while smaller than our old place, feels completely right, and we're open for business! Come join us for a summer workshop, get your hands on some Grain schwag or start your own DIY project at home. We're here.  

First cedar delivery to the new shop. Let's build some surfboards!
The train is gone, but Charlie is sticking around as our new guest shop dog. 
The millshop, without a doubt the most challenging thing to move.
Our June workshop students christening the new shop. 
Our new glassing room, framed up and ready. 
Demo boards looking forward to their short commute to the beach.