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We have a new Location:
Grain-New York on the
East End of Long Island





by Mike

The last 3 months have been filled with lots of ups and downs. Since learning that we need to depart our shop here on the farm, we've worked diligently to find and secure our next home, one that would enable to do all of the things we currently do and more. That meant buying a place, somewhere we'd feel good about investing all of the resources that we could into making it our own. 

Despite the best intents, purchasing the building on Rocky Acres Farm is no longer an option. The good news is we’ve decided that we'll still move there and we’re still looking forward to creating a great home for us and for all of you who you join us for workshops, events, or just to stop by and say hello.

With this change, our Indiegogo campaign needs have dramatically changed as we no longer need to put down a deposit on the building. To everyone who has backed us, we are so sorry for this sudden change in direction. We encourage anyone who has backed us to please go into the confirmation email that you received and hit the “request a refund” button. If you lost that email, please just shoot us an email at and we will make sure you get your contributions back to you asap. Obviously this will also cancel your perk as well. 

In the next six weeks, we will still be moving, we’re still fitting out the new place with walls, electrical, bathroom, etc. If you’d like to support our move and don’t care to receive your contribution back, we’ll be sure to still use your funds for the buildout and move. We’ll do our very best to direct any excess funds towards reducing our impact on the environment. We have lived by the “Waste no Waste” mantra when it comes our wood use and we’d love to apply that to our electrical needs as well by becoming 100% powered by the sun. Of course, if you leave your contribution in, we’ll also be sure you still get your perk on time.

To all of you who have not only backed our campaign, but to those of you who have shared our information, sent us words of encouragement and support, we cannot thank you enough.  Your support and friendship means so much to all of us here. We are really excited to share our new home with you and look forward to the next twelve years of building beautiful wooden surfboards together.