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    Grain looks like a great company. How'd that happen?

    Grain was born out of the desire of Mike LaVecchia and his friend to build and surf their own boards. Together, they tried a number of techniques with which they were familiar from their experience in boatbuilding. Their first board had caulked seams and bronze fastenings - just like a ship! Once they hit on an adaptation of standard boatbuilding techniques that resulted in a strong, light, beautiful board that used a minimum of non-renewable resources, they started building for themselves and for friends. Some weird timing and press interest got Grain national exposure almost immediately, and soon it became clear that people wanted these boards as an alternative to foam and plastic.

    From his original partner (who had other interests to pursue) Mike bought the intellectual property that they had developed together over a single summer, and Grain was born. Assembling a small team of new and old friends, they moved the shop out of the garage and to a facility they are still developing in a renovated barn. Brad Anderson joined Mike as a co-owner early on to help develop the boards and company into what it is today. New friends have continued to appear at just the right time with just the skills the small company has critically needed thanks to some strangely wonderful synchronicity that we try not to wonder about too much, each and every one helping us to make better stuff every year. See the company page for more about Grain and the current crew.

    Aside from the boards, the thing we love the most about our company is the friendship and warm interest that supports it. Our logos, apparel art, website, photos and marketing advice all come from super- talented folks we have known for years. We also enjoy personal relationships with our customers - which is important to us. It feels like an ever-widening circle of new friends. Some of them have come to the shop to select wood for their own boards and we sometimes see them out on the line-up at our local break.

    We feel fortunate to be part of a growing clan that all share the pure joy of what we are doing. That's really the key thing that makes Grain Surfboards so important to us.

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    I would love to come by the shop and check it out. Can I?

    Sure, we would love to show you around... we are there most days - unless there are waves. If you want to talk to someone specific, it is a good idea to call ahead. We generally have a ton of work to do, so don't be offended if we keep working while we visit, though!

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    Where is Grain located?

    Our shop is located at 60 Brixham Road in York, Maine. There're two 60's on Brixham Road - one in York and one in Eliot. Ours is the one furthest to the north east, just within about a half mile of Route 91.