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    Can I buy a part of the Home Grown Kit only - for example, just the frames?

    You sure can. We want to support those who would like to use more local materials, recycled wood or stuff they have left over from other projects. You can order lots of the kit components right on our online store and we are adding more all the time. If you don't see what you want there, just give us a call and we'll try to get you what you need. The only exception is the Builder's Manual which only comes with the kit.

    Most people that are considering this option already have some experience in building wood surfboards - for example they have already built a HomeGrown Surfboard Kit.

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    Can I buy Grain Surfboard plans?

    You sure can! For a long time, we just didn't offer these, but now you can get them for every board we offer in the kit line. WARNING: Building a wood board from plans is a particularly challenging undertaking. We intend these plans for people that either understand the basics of this construction method, have already built a kit or taken a class, or are simply interested in inventing some of the process themselves. If you think you may need more guidance, you might consider taking a class or getting a kit first because the manual that comes with our plans is an abbreviated one.

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    How long does it take to ship a Grain board? How about a Home Grown Kit?

    Kits usually ship within a week or two. We don't maintain a huge inventory of materials for the kits, so we often have to mill stock for your kit after the order is placed, and this takes time!

    Delivery time for boards is harder to predict because there is so much labor involved and we get backlogged pretty easily when we get a rush of orders. Ask when you call or email about the timing for delivery. If you have a deadline (such as when the board is a gift) make sure you place your order as far ahead as you can manage - at least a couple of months - to have a good chance that we will get it done on time.

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    How do I purchase? Do you do online sales?


    If you're going to order a board, we should really talk...both because you will probably have a lot of questions, and because there is a lot to talk about when you trust us to build a board that you want to treasure. But to get in our queue right away, you can go right to the online store Board Deposit Page and place a deposit for the board you want. We'll email or call just as soon as we can to finalize the details. Or if you have questions, or if you are international customer, just call or email to start a dialog about your dream board.


    Kits are available online from a couple of sources but you can also get them from our own online store where you can also get tools or supplies, most board components, and apparel. You can also call or email us directly to order kits, tools and clothes but we may have to ring you back if we are in the middle of glassing or surfing... Sorry, but the store can handle orders only from the USA. If you are in another country, check out our FAQs for International Orders, and then give us a call or email to order.

    You should also ask at your local surfshop... Kits are available at selected shops around the country, and that means you get your kit immediately instead of waiting the two weeks it takes us to process orders. We have been talking to even more shop owners about carrying kits and some are carrying our boards. They would love your business and it's great to do your part to keep your local economy ticking along.

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    Can you ship to Fogo, Fiji, or Frisby-On-The-Wreake?

    We think so. We are pretty sure that we can ship anywhere. Costs vary widely, though it often has less to do with how far you are from Maine than it does with the remoteness of the final destination. Look at the FAQs on International Shipping for more information.

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    Once I order a board, I won't be able to sleep till I get it. Can you help me to cope?

    A little. We often post pictures of customer's boards, and we are happy to field emails when you are wondering how things are going. And we don't hesitate to call or email you when we may have a question for you. We really, really want you to feel as great as we do about these boards, so stay in touch!

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    Can I get a discount if I buy a whole bunch of boards or kits?

    Mmmmmmaybe. Give us a call. If you've ordered a kit from us before, let us know, there are ways that we can save you a little money on your second order.

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    If I am willing to pay more, can you rush my order?

    Once upon a time, we wouldn't consider this. The team we have now is absurdly dedicated to helping you get in the water sooner. Give us a call when you order, and we'll let you know what the rush charge is. We're lucky to have a bigger team of people working with us now, and that means that no one gets bumped when we rush your order.

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    What are the dimensions of a Home Grown Kit box?

    Usually about a foot longer than the board you are ordering, and six to eight inches square. You will also receive epoxy and stuff you need for the glassing in a separate box about a foot tall by nine inches square. The only exception to this is that some of the longboards can be created with "puzzle-joint" planks which lets us send those kits in half-length boxes.

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    What is your return policy if I need to return a kit?

    IMPORTANT! Upon receiving your new kit, open the box and have a look at the contents, even if it may be some time before you'll have a chance to get started. If anything looks damaged or missing, WE NEED TO KNOW within 10 days in order to submit a claim with our shipping company. We cannot process claims of damage or loss beyond this time period.

    A returned kit ultimately costs us money to unpack, inspect, and re enter into our sales. That is why there is a restock fee of 20% of the original purchase price. This is in addition to the replacement cost of any materials missing or broken required to resell the kit. We hope you will read our FAQ page, look over all the kit descriptions and even call us with any questions prior to ordering a kit. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver a product you are fully stoked on from the moment you open the box and for years to come.