2014 Course Schedule

This list contains all scheduled Classes for 2014. Some of the dates are still tentative as we wait for some of our partners to commit to venues, and we have certainly added classes in the past to handle overflow, so check back for updates.

If you don’t see a date that works for you or if one of our classes is already full, there are a couple of possibilities…

- We have added dates in the past when one class was already full and enough additional people want to come. We’ll start a waiting list, so let us know if there are alternate dates that will work.

- We’ve also had people propose to bring a group – if you’ve got enough friends, family or co-workers to fill out a class, we can try to find a date that works.

- And there’s always the Board Builder’s Fantasy Camp. Just you and us. The whole shop. You pick the dates.

2014 Scheduled Classes
Apr 20- 26……. 7 Day at Grain
May 10- 11 …… Paipo/ Alaia with Jon Wegener at Grain
May 18- 24 …… 7 Day at Grain
May 31- June 3 ……. 4 Day at Patagonia NYC
June 15- 21 …….. 7 Day at Grain
July 13- 19 …. 7 Day at Grain
Aug 10- 16 …. 7 Day at Grain
Sept 11- 14 …… 4 Day at Grain
Sept 25- 26 …… Paipo/ Alaia with Jon Wegener at Grain
Oct 16 – 19 …. 4 Day at Grain
Nov 13- 16 …. 4 Day at Grain

More questions? See the links at left, and check out the Class section of our FAQs