Wood Surfboard Blank Kits

Don’t think you have time, space or skill for a full-on HomeGrown Kit board building project? We hear you. But if you still wanna get dirty, Grain is now offering Wood Board Blanks in selected sizes. Similar in concept to the foam blanks that have been the standard of the surf industry for fifty years, our Booster Blanks are much closer to the finished shape of the board. Most of the “shaping” consists of merely trimming the wood back to the curves established by the internal frame. “Shaping” no longer requires you to know the secrets of the masters – shaping a Grain Blank is easy because 90% of the design is already established by the frame, plus we’ll add some helpful marks to guide you.

Now you can trim, shape and sand a blank that we build for you here in our shop from the same quality local woods we use in our own boards. Then you glass it using the included cloth, epoxy, cups, gloves and assorted doodads, or take it to your local glasser if you prefer. To help you along, our Board Builder’s manual contains the most complete instruction on glassing wood boards in epoxy that we’ve ever seen, and includes instruction on installing hardware, lam coats, hot coats, gloss coats, sanding, and more. Add a Grain HomeGrown logo as well as your own graphics printed on transparency or rice paper to make the board fully your own.

All you need is a shaping stand, a spokeshave, a sanding block, and some sandpaper. A few drill bits and a chisel or router may be handy if you’ll be installing your own hardware. Check our store for any of these supplies, and if you can’t find something, let us know and we’ll help you out. Don’t worry about glassing – the kit comes complete with all the glassing supplies you need to finish the board and a comprehensive glassing chapter from our Board Builder’s Manual.

These are still hand-crafted surfboards, so give us eight weeks to get it to you, then another two weeks for you to shape and glass, and you’re in the water with a lifetime board that surfs like no other you own. Look for Booster Blank links on the Board Pages of the model you want.