The Channel Islands Wood Biscuit

Grain Surfboards is honored to partner with Channel Islands Surfboards and legendary shaper Al Merrick in offering the 5’6″, 5’8″ and 6’2” Biscuit as a Grain board made of locally grown northern white cedar.

Developed with Rob Machado, Al designed this board for every surfer of any skill level surfing anything in the knee-to-head-high range. Short and full-volume, the Biscuit catches waves like boards a foot longer. Channel Islands recommends ordering them 8” to 10” shorter, 1” to 2” wider and ½ to ¾” thicker than your shortboard.

Even though the wood Biscuit is a meticulous copy of Al’s shape, surfing one will provide a completely different experience than you get on the Channel Islands originals. Expect a noticeable difference in weight that makes the wood Biscuit a smooth riding, honey-colored chop-killer. You will be noticed.

Custom Built Board
with fin boxes…………$2350

Home Grown Surfboard Kit
with fin box…………$800

Booster Blank Kit
wood blank, epoxy kit, etc…$1,530

The Channel Islands Biscuit was voted the SIMA 2008 Board of the Year

We expect to offer this board in other sizes in the near future. Contact us for more information or if you are interested in a specific size kit or custom board that we don’t offer yet. As with other custom-built Grain boards, we’ll call you just as soon as we can to work out the details of the board we’ll build just for you.