2013 Class Year Book

December 21st, 2013, by Nolan

As 2013 comes to a close, we look back at all the people we had the great pleasure of hosting in our classes. As always, we had a full line-up of classes at our shop here in Maine. But this year, thanks to a successful Kickstarter project we were able to do a roadtrip up the west coast holding classes from Southern California to Oregon!

Sharing the experience of building your own wooden surfboard has always been one of the most rewarding things we do here at Grain and we love all the people we get to meet along the way. Congratulations and thanks to the Grain Surfboards Class of 2013 – enjoy the beautiful crafts you’ve created!

In February, we fled Maine for the much more temperate Southern California. The Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center in San Clemente was one of the coolest venues we’ve ever held a class. A new batch of wooden surfboards came to life as we were surrounded by the history of surfboards (which not surprisingly is very wooden!). We had a great group of students, including local artist Nathan Gibbs who built his 3rd board, an East Coast transplant and good friend Mr. Fish, pro-longboarder Jen Smith, as well as a family of stuntmen!

A hearty crew came to our March class back in Maine, including second-time-student Jimmy Z. Always fun to shape boards outside when there’s snow on the ground!

Tom and Mike came up to Maine to build boards for their high school senior projects!

Our May students all had some connection to New Jersey. We had a great week of weather, except for the last day…inside class photo!

We started off June with a mother-son fantasy camp! Cool Mom Award of the Year goes to Mrs. Cook of NC.

We had a colorful crew later in June. Jack from Brooklyn, upon getting his license, made his first road trip up to Maine to build his second Grain board. Richard, a York local, made a board for his daughter. Sean used to fly helicopters for the military, but now lives and surfs in Maine …and plays bass in a band called Zombie Beach. Adrien, a Frenchman now living in NYC, came to Grain for his last vacation before he became un père!

In July, we held our biggest class to date, with eight students. We found out the maximum capacity of our shop!

We had an (almost) gender balanced class in August. Our good friend Heather finally built herself a log, and Kelly became our first student from Iowa!

Paul & Toni came all the way from Australia to build two CI Biscuits, start to finish. On their way back, they made an extended stop in Mexico to test them out!

September class had great weather, waves, and couple night surfs!

Jon Wegener kicked off another Surf Re-Evolution event with a paipo and alaia shaping class! If you haven’t tried finless surfing yet, you’re missing out!

We had our second 8 person class in October, wrapping up our classes in Maine for the year.

At the same time as our class back in Maine, we also started our west coast class tour at Patagonia Cardiff. We built these boards entirely outside, in the parking lot, across the street from Cardiff reef! Keith Malloy, who unfortunately had to miss the last day because he was headed to Australia, built himself a 10′ log.

Jay from SF was gracious enough to have us back to his incredible home in San Francisco, old Firehouse 33! Coincidentily, we had a fireman in the class! And John H. came back for his second class, this time to build his dad a 9′er.

We had originally had only one class in SF sheduled in November, but when it filled up back in February we decided to have two! This one filled about a week later. Thanks for the love, San Fran!

We ended our west coast road trip, as well as the year, with a class in Oregon! This was our second time to Portland but our first time to ADX Makerspace, what a cool & creative place and group of people!

Now that we have a couple months off, we’re keeping busy planning for next year’s classes! Early in February we’ll hit up NYC, then we head west for another round of classes in SF and Cardiff. After that, it’s across the Atlantic to Fyne Boat Kits in the UK. And that’s just the start! We’re excited to meet the class of 2014! Until then, thanks for an unforgettable year. Happy Holidays to you all.

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  1. Roxy Surfer Says:

    I saw Your Project on Kickstrater. You guys ended up making some fine boards.
    I’m glad the all campaign was a success.
    Good Luck in 2014

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