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August 7th, 2013, by Mike

We’re always on the lookout for smart, useful and fun products, and we love hearing about people making cool stuff, especially if what they make treads lightly on the planet. Here’s a few new things that we’re proud to be offering in our online store.

We’ve been hearing about The Progress Project for years now and have talked with Noah for quite some time about getting their bags in our store.
TPP bags are all hand-made in California using primarily reclaimed and recycled materials, roadside banners to be specific. They take great pride in everything they do and are happy to customize any bag to your specific board. Check here for more info.

Over the years, we’ve built and helped others build over two thousand surfboards, and we’ve learned a thing or two about hand tools. Finger Planes are great inexpensive tools and while they’re a little short for full-on shaping, they’re really handy for shaving off excess planks and cleaning up small areas. Check em’ out here.

We’ve also decided to start selling Gore-Tex vents which we use in all of our custom boards. Install them correctly and they’ll allow air inside your board to equalize with the outside atmosphere without you giving it a second thought. The vent housing can be installed in a similar manner to the screw-in vents that come with our kits, however the Gore-Tex vent itself is a bit fragile and needs to be installed into the housing with great care.

Looking for more stuff from our own shop here in Maine? With some great feedback from our customers and friends, we happy to now offer the XL Cider Hill Skateboard. Like it’s little brother, the Cider Hill, only with more room, more glide and more flex. Buy it complete or as a deck only and set it up with your favorite trucks and wheels.

We’re also really excited to offer all you bodysurfers a more hands-on handplane experience. Our new Handplane Kits come with everything you need to make your own handplane except the tools. Handplane Kits come with a wood blank pre-marked with our two outlines (or create your own shape) and ready to accept our hand strap hardware. It also comes with with our new recycled handstrap, mounting hardware, sandpaper, varnish and instructions. Get shaping today and surf face-first tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for more great stuff soon to come, including new Grain T’s. Thanks for stopping by.

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