Introducing The Fantail

June 10th, 2013, by Mike

Strip away all of the things we do each day to keep Grain running smoothly, shut off the phone and the computer, lock the doors, put down the tape gun. At the core… we build surfboards. Beautiful wooden surfboards made by hand with local woods. We take pride in every step of the process, we handle every piece of wood with great care.

But once the building is done, and we have a spokeshave in hand, it’s those precious moments of perfecting the shape that really make us feel complete as board builders. We put our hearts and souls into every board we build. Each of us that builds boards sees it through from the ground up, making sure each detail is carefully maintained right through glass and polish. Now, add in the opportunity to design a new shape, one we’ve never built before… and we feel whole.

Paul C., a great friend and customer of ours who we originally designed the Northern Pintail for several years ago, approached us looking for an old school Pig. A heritage board that looks unusual today, it was at one time found on every beach in California. By good fortune, Paul is friends with Mike Black of Surf-a-Pig fame and Gene Cooper of Cooperfish and we were honored to receive some advice and guidance from them when we were creating this shape. In the end, we walked the line and stuck with some early features of a Pig, very similar to what Dale Velzy first shaped in those pivotal early days of hotdogging.

The Fantail comes in two sizes, 9’2″ and 9’9′ and for now is only available as a custom board, or you can build one here with us in a Fantasy Camp. Click here for details.

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3 Responses to “Introducing The Fantail”

  1. Randy Budd Says:

    Well done.I really like the fin.Gloss looks good too.It would be an honor to test drive that baby in Sept.

  2. nick Says:

    That is some fine swine . The board looks great I will have to start putting some money in my piggy bank for that one .

  3. Grant Newby Says:

    Nice board boys. You have to love the fun of riding a PIG. A great all round board and this looks the goods.

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