Game-changer? Kickstarting Grain’s Next Thing

February 25th, 2013, by Brad

If I never hear the words “social media” again, I won’t be sorry – it’s everywhere. But the fact is, just making it easy for people to stay in touch, to see what others are up to, to literally find inspiration in their day-to-day creativity, even to change regimes… well you just can’t argue that it’s a game-changer.

And we’ve been totally gratified that it’s given us ready access to the pure awesomeness of all of you, and that we have so many new ways to share what’s going on with us. So, that’s all good. But then… there’s “crowd-sourcing”.

If ever there was an amazing idea, this is it. At a time when we (again) feel betrayed by the financial giants that seem to be the drunken helmsmen of our society, here come zillions of regular Joes and Janes discovering cool projects through a site called “Kickstarter”, and funding them with small (and not-so-small) micro-investment capital. A few of us around here have been backers for a few things – which is always fun, and gives us the warm fuzzies at the thought that we’re helping people with something they’re passionate about.

So we thought “what the hell – we’ve got a huge idea we’ve been dreaming of but just don’t have the cake to get going on our own- let’s crowd-source it”. You can read all about it here (hint: it’s not regime change). Support it if you’d like, we’d love your backing, but do us a huge favor and definitely pass the word via your social media (sigh) of choice. In a nutshell, it’s phase-next of our drive to get out to see more of you and share more boards and good times and board-building tech – there’s a new video at the top of our Kickstarter page that tells all about it.

If you’ve never backed something, you should try it – even if it’s someone else’s project – it really is fun, there’s always cool rewards for your help, and you don’t pay a dime unless the project meets it’s goal. See you online.

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