New: Strapped Hand-Planes

January 18th, 2013, by Brad

We often reflect on how the beautiful simplicity of the stuff we make evokes notions of cedar scents, salty spray, and graceful craftsmanship. It all feels very organic and natural. Maybe nothing we do reflects that more than our small line of hand-planes – the curving lines and unique grain patterns of simple wood with a low-tech hand-hold, finished with whey-based finishes from the Vermont cheese industry. Simple, graceful, sustainable – and built for fun.

But all that really masks what goes on behind the scenes… where we’re intensely driven by good and thoughtful design. We use cutting-edge CAD technologies and sustainable design criteria that’s prototyped and discussed Grain-wide until we’re satisfied. If our hand-planes embody a simple organic beauty, it isn’t because they just grew on trees… it’s because we worked hard to make them that way.

Grain Surfboards Hand-planes

Case in point is the new “strapped” version of our hand-planes. Not willing to employ the standard, too-tight, non-recyclable plastic-leash-cup attachments found on many hand-planes, we thinked and thinked until we came up with a simple brass staple we could embed directly in the wood itself. It mounts just proud of the top surface of the hand-plane in a generously sized oblong “cup” carved directly into the wood. The design leaves plenty of room to get the strap in and out and it uses almost no material.

Grain Surfboards Hand-planes

Grain Surfboards Hand-planes

The straps themselves were a typical group-design effort with everyone chipping in ideas until we landed on an awesome bicycle-innertube strap, with strategically stitched wetsuit material and velcro – almost all of it re-purposed material otherwise headed for the landfill. The result feeds through the brass staples, velcro’s back on itself and is wrapped with the integrated neoprene flap that provides a super-comfortable, adjustable fit. It firmly grips the hand – mitts or no – with the perfect resistive flex to keep your hand tight to the deck without any discomfort.

So to all of you that’ve told us you prefer straps to hand-holds… this one’s for you. Different strokes for different stokes.

Grain Surfboards Hand-planes

Grain Surfboards Hand-planes

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5 Responses to “New: Strapped Hand-Planes”

  1. Simon Says:

    Nice work people……Again.

  2. Bob Says:

    Simple design, good use of re-cycled material, it’s a winner!!

  3. Unique Wooden Hand Planes Says:

    Rough planes, block planes and smoothing planes all have unique purposes for woodworking. Behind every hand plan there is a thoughtful design. Nice work.

  4. shayne Says:

    Hi Guys,
    What’s the thickness on the hand plane kit?Does it have any concave on it and whats the cost to the UK?


  5. Mike Says:

    Hey Shayne. The blank is about 1 inch thick and has no concave in it. You can definitely carve some in pretty easily with a gouge and some sandpaper. Send us an email with your address and we’d be happy to get you a shipping quote. You can reach us at [email protected]. Thanks Shayne.

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