Summer to Fall to Sandy

October 30th, 2012, by Mike

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table, listening to the wind howl outside, wondering when the power at the shop will come back on and looking back on another summer gone by. We get to spend most of our summer teaching people to build their own boards and we love every minute of it. By fall, time slows down, days get shorter and the waves get better. By the time we return from our annual fall trip to California, we’re thinking about filling up the propane tanks and settling in for the long winter. But these days also bring renewed enthusiasm and excitement for what’s next, new classes we might offer, new locations, new board designs. For me, this is an exciting time of year, a time to reflect, dream, and make changes. To take the good, fix the bad and move forward.

Grain Surfboards

Grain Surfboards
Nate and Scott dive into shaping on a beautiful October afternoon.

Grain Surfboards
Dan, who took a class with us 2 years ago and just finished a beautiful Wherry on his own, gets in trim on his Waterlog.

Grain Surfboards
Our biggest and smallest, personally my two favorite boards.

Grain Surfboards
We’ve been taking our classes on the road more and more lately and owe a huge thanks to the crew at for hosting our recent class at Camp Korduroy in Encinitas Ca.

Grain Surfboards
Our friend Dean and the Brixham making the most out of a very small ramp.

Grain Surfboards
A custom made Brixham for our friend JG up at Burton Snowboards.

Grain Surfboards
Bob B. returned for his 8th class this fall, and decided to step it up and top them all. This photo is one of the most viewed, liked and commented photos that we’ve ever posted on Facebook.

Grain Surfboards
Our friend Joe Hodnicki. and his lovely girlfriend Heather came to visit recently. Joe spend two full days painting this and another mural in our new store in Portsmouth NH. Stop by and check it out in person.

Grain Surfboards
Grain would not be where it is today without the photographic skills of my brother Nick LaVecchia. Here he captures one of the first waves Alek Parker caught on our Cutwater.

Superstorm Sandy showing her backless self in Maine last night.

In a Barn in Maine from the Granite Stoke on Vimeo.

And one of our videos from this years Surf Re-Evolution. Thanks Granite Stoke.

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5 Responses to “Summer to Fall to Sandy”

  1. PMK Says:

    Keep up ghe great work.

  2. Bob Hanavan Says:

    You guys are the best!!!


  3. Mark Says:

    I can’t wait til 2013 already.

  4. Ross Says:

    That Video was rad. Leaves me wanting and feeling to dry.

  5. Dave Says:

    Watch ABC’s Malibu Country TV show on friday night. One of your fish shapes is hanging on a wall in the stage set.

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